Well, I brought home 13 bags of manure, mulch, and soil for the patio pots, a raised bed, and a path. I also sprayed for the brave green weeds that were on the fast track. Hopefully, I slowed them down. I moved pots around to different locations than last year. I may try to figure out how to put in a watering system for them, but I’m not sure of the benefits so it’s not high on the priority list. The bids I obtained for terracing the back yard were just too high, so I scaled back my plans to small changes I can make myself. I have some ideas.

The past few days have been all about finishing the bathroom project. It finally is done with the exception of a small texture repair. I got some great help and good advice from a dear friend, who also lent me artistic perspective and just plain good old fashioned know how on many subjects. For instance: I now know what kind of circular saw blade I need to replace the worn out one I have. The help was needed and greatly appreciated. The bathroom really does look good. Cuss words were kept to a minimum, so all in all: success.

There is a lot to be done in the yard – when the weather cooperates. That’s where my attention has drifted. I managed to get the path laid and some spinach planted before the latest batch of snow and rain hit. The moisture is certainly welcome. We have had such a dry winter locally. Fortunately, the mountains have a great snow pack to fill the reservoirs.

I cannot believe how fast the month of March flew by. I’m sure I accomplished some things, and thankfully, there is plenty yet to be done. I say thankfully, because I like to be busy. The picture below is one of the fun ones Penny painted.IMG_0207

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