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Alexander Humboldt’s theory of everything being connected in our planet came home to me as I thought about how my foot has affected the rest of my body’s well being. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, he recorded the damage and affects when forests were clear cut for farming – from the erosion, to the temperature change, to the flooding, to the lack of fertility in the soil that followed.

Oh my… Humboldt saw it all, recorded it all, passed that information on to scientists around the world, and yet – people deny climate change. They deny that something they do for profit and their pursuit of money & power can be affecting the rest of the world. Such garbage.

My body has followed a similar path. I can’t balance on my injured foot, so yoga is difficult. Walking is painful, so exercise has slowed to a crawl except for upper body workouts. My weight has inched upward as a result. That affects my emotional well being and my blood pressure. THAT affects everything! It has been a round robin, a vicious circle so to speak. I started acupuncture and with that – it seems that I will get off the merry-go-round of Western medicine. The doctor’s office, by the way, gets an F- for their response.

One of my Minnesota cousins has been here visiting. What a fun time we have had. We did shed a few tears, and a lot of laughter, over old pictures I brought home from Mom’s house. We even came upon a British newspaper clipping of my Dad’s first investigative case during the war. Pretty good stuff but only a fraction of what remains. One small box took most of one afternoon (except when she was outside playing with my granddaughter’s puppy). Today is sight-seeing in the Rocky Mountains!IMG_0218

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