There is nothing as frustrating as not being strong enough to dig some old hydrangeas out of the ground. I had to soak the ground to be able to dig, but then the clay was so heavy, I couldn’t lift them out. Wore myself out trying, so now I’m taking a break. At the moment, I have no desire to move on to the next project – which is digging out grass for a rock outcropping. I think it’s going to be cool – when and if I get it done.

My grand-dog also came in and plopped herself down for a nap by my feet, so I don’t feel quite so bad. She has worked hard to protect my yard from invaders while her parents are on vacation. The squirrels so love to torment her in the morning. Their tails snap and flap from their perch on the fence until she comes on the run. There are also other dogs in the neighborhood that need to be communicated with – just in case they have any thoughts about coming round for a visit.

My foot is finally doing much better. And, also no thanks to western medicine, my blood pressure is lower and my spunk is spunkier. I’m not jogging, but my usual daily walks around the neighborhood aren’t far off. Now that I’m off the blood pressure medicine (poison?) I feel like I’m in control again, instead of feeling like I’m turning 90!

Lately, I’ve been reading food labels, paying extra attention to the sodium levels. Wow, the food industry is really trying to kill us, isn’t it? If you’re trying to cut out sodium, you really should cook at home, add your own spices, and re-teach your taste buds what you like. It’s possible, just not easy, but then again, the good stuff rarely is.

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