Spring and Blizzard

Spring! How I love being in the yard again. There is so much to do, but I am trying to be patient, and happy with getting whatever I can get done each day. Though there is snow in the forecast (a blizzard actually), the lawn is so dry I dragged out the hose and watered the front. I got some big hydrangeas dug out. That was a chore, and it took more than one try. First I soaked the hard, dry ground, but the thick, gooey clay made shovel work impossible. I had to wait two more days for it to dry enough to dig through the roots. Too wet – too dry. The life of a farmer.

This week, I have two author events, next week two family birthdays. The following week, I head over the hill to work on Mom’s house again. It’s always something.

I want to give a big shout out to the Yuma Public Library in Yuma, Colorado. They have an awesome after-school program. Forty five kids and several teen helpers and adults were there when I gave my program this week. They were well prepared for me, so everything went off like clock work. The kids were creative and came up with some great stories after a bit of coaching. I love to see Libraries thriving. Oddly enough, they put me back in the mode for writing.

They are talking blizzard again. Colorado is so fickle. My car showed high 70’s driving home. Not so much now. We always get through whatever comes, but I’m certainly glad to have no appointments, agendas, or meetings scheduled for the next two days. Happy Spring. Below is proof it was here.IMG-0352

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