Tax Day Crazy

The sun and warm temperature made quick work of the eight inches of heavy April snow. I shoveled a tiny fraction of the normal amount because of the forecasted warmth. I just wanted my front stoop to be dry so there could be no ice in the night. A little breeze evaporated all that remained on the steps, and the driveway was melted and dry by nightfall. Snow remains on the grass, which is great.

What a blessing this moisture is. I know many people are being hit hard by this storm, and my heart goes out to you all. I am so sorry. At least warm air is following on the storm’s heels.

I sloshed around and got a few of the errands done that I was planning to do the following day. That’s always a good way to spend an off day. When I wish to be outside, but it’s too cold and muddy, the day goes goofy on me. Sure, I did some proofreading, and even made some arrangements for an event next fall, but for the most part, the day was goofy and I got little done.  I don’t like days like that.

So, the mail just brought two ‘lost’ 1099 forms for my deceased mother. Even though the bank had the correct address to send the forms to, the computer sent them to her old address, then the postal service sent them back to the bank, then finally they forwarded them to me with a nice ‘oops’ letter absolving them of all responsibility. I immediately called and scanned and e-mailed the forms, but my guess is that now Mom’s accountant will file an extension. Monday is THE day, as I’m sure you’re all aware. What a ridiculous mess taxes have turned into. Okay, best to not get started on that subject.

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