Happy Easter – Passover – Spring

I outdid myself in the garden, or rather I mean I overdid.  A little exhaustion is a good thing, though, right? It feels really good to be out there. I mowed part of the front, evening it up a bit. In the back, I spread a mixture of manure and top soil on the flower beds. Asparagus is peaking up. The spinach I planted that didn’t get dug up by my grand-dog is coming up. Trees are leafing out. Daffodils and grape hyacinths are blooming. Tulip buds are fattening up, and birds are chirping like mad. Spring, lovely spring. Unless of course, you have allergies.

I took a load of hazardous waste to the county’s recycle and waste disposal. Feels good to get that old stuff out of here. I also took an old DVD player, and a bag of used batteries I’ve been collecting for five years. Next stop was the grocery store, a clothing store to return a hand towel and pickup some socks, and finally a gas station. That’s one stop past my limit of three. I don’t know why I have that limit. I think it must harken back to my days of kids and car seats. In and out, in and out. Three was just all I could do with any semblance of patience. The limit has stuck.

S’mores and hotdogs for dinner with the granddaughter. We built a fire in the pit and enjoyed a perfect evening on the back patio. It can’t get any better. Her dog thought it would have been better if we had shared, but, that’s how it goes.

I started the hole for my caragana tree. Slow progress, but the grass is out and the first layer below that. Now, I need to step back and see if I want to go bigger for flowers around the base. Decisions, decisions. Happy Easter everyone.

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