Walking Room

Mom’s house no longer overwhelms me, it’s my sister’s storage units that blast me out of my socks now. My goal this trip was to empty the third one into the other two, bringing as much as possible to Mom’s house now that the garage has been ‘kind-of’ cleared. That’s a relative term, but there is walking room now where there wasn’t before. That gets us from four to two units to pay rent on until the estate sale or sales. It’s very doubtful this can be done in one weekend event.

After rummaging around the units for a while, I started sneezing and didn’t stop until I showered and changed clothes. The next day I got under my old bed and brought out a box of old newspaper clippings, pics and an unused wedding album (bought but never used for my sister or me – I don’t know which), I started sneezing and had to go outside. No sense in changing or showering as we were about to head out to the storage units again. The beautiful blossoms, spring flowers, and green grass don’t get me, but old dust and dust mites and whatever else has accumulated sure does.

I came home exhausted and frustrated that I didn’t complete the job. The people helping me ran out of time. I can’t do it without a pickup which I don’t have, so maybe next time. Only a fifth of what was there remains to be moved. Then, to top off the day, I found a water line leak in an underground pipe to the sprinkling system. Because of spring rush, the sprinkler company can’t get here for a couple weeks, so I had to turn the whole system off. I had been debating the merits of paying someone to water (no modern timer here) or just let the lawn go. Guess that answers that question.

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