A pile of shoes waited patiently by the door. The grandkids played ping-pong downstairs. Voices and laughter floated up the stairs and filled the house with joy. They were all up late the night before, not by choice, but because of the long trip to get here. The reunion of cousins winds them up. It takes a while to unwind. Eventually, they all got their teeth brushed and the oldest told a dragon tale to the younger two. Little people started drifting off after that.

The pileshoe pile got bigger when the littlest two arrived. I am amazed at how well they all play together. I don’t remember my kids being that congenial with each other, but then, they were together all the time and it wasn’t such a novelty. Cousins are pretty special because they are occasional. Everyday things loose their magic.

The wind blew like a banshee. The following morning was calm and blue, but I noticed two days of snow flakes in the forecast. Those are the two days I’m supposed to be driving my grandsons out to the farm. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I just had to keep them here with me. Their folks would come get them eventually. Maybe.

I added drip emitters to my newly planted spruce tree, checked out all of the rest of the drip line, and ran the sprinkler system manually. With freezing temps in the forecast, I put off hooking up the hoses to the faucets just yet. I had planned to take the kids to the nursery today to pick out plants for the flower pots, but after seeing the forecast, I’m putting that off for a week. We’ll go the park instead.

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