Happy May Day!

Wild weather changes! A beautiful warm day turned ugly when a cold front blew through after lunch. We’ll see how correct the weather forecast is in the morning. They’ve gone from two to three back to two days with snowflakes. I got started rebuilding my garden steps but the rest of the project will have to wait till this cold passes, perhaps by the end of the week.

My beautiful azalea plant is in full bloom. It will soon be toast. The freezing cold and snow will mush the blooms to ugly remnants. So sad, but it happens most every year in Colorado. A person just has to be thankful for the few days of splendor.

With snow and cold outside, the boys put the old farm set together, some what, drank hot chocolate, and helped me get the spare bedroom ready for their folks. I had previously hauled everything out of the office in preparation for new cabinetry in there, and put it on the spare bed. Back it went. I’m thinking of it as good exercise.

The grand dog loves to chew on all the farm animal pieces, so she has been banned from the office where we set it up. She also likes to bark at the boys when they get to wrestling. I should have known better but I let them have sherbet and raspberries for dessert after dinner. Sugared them up good, yes I did. They wound up, the dog wound up. I guess I won’t be doing that little trick again soon, but I’m not going to complain. I did get to have them an extra three days I wasn’t planning on, due to the bad weather. Its just that the bad weather kept them in the house where it’s harder to run off energy. We have played an awful lot of ping-pong this visit. The five year old has a killer serve.snowcoveredazalea

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