Cinco de Mayo

So many things to celebrate this weekend! “May the 4th be with you” and Derby Day on Saturday (I’ve got my hat!), and Cinco de Mayo on Sunday. That calls for a toast of some kind.

Among the goals I’d like to accomplish is hanging my sister Penny’s art work. I had four pieces framed. I know where they’re going, just not exactly how to group them. I repaired drywall where I’m hanging a new light fixture. Amazingly, I’m getting pretty good at duplicating texture. The final step for the indoor renovations is replacing the old carpet. That is almost worse than shopping for a new car. I’ve put it off for the five years I’ve been in this house (which I can’t believe). Sigh. Time to bite the bullet and do it.

The grandkids are gone, which means things have gotten really busy, only partially because they are gone and partially because the weather has warmed up so I can get outside. YARD WORK. Kazaam! It hits all at once. I hooked up the hoses and one of my hose splitter y’s popped it’s top. I have to give it kudos for lasting a decade or longer. I also hit up the nursery for some corkscrew grass – which I just love in pots – and brought home a few other things too. (ehem) I won’t plant anything yet because I saw a snowflake on the forecast. Crazy weather indeed.

My foot is about 90+ % healed. Now what screams are the muscles in the opposite leg. They’ve been walking wrong for four months to protect the foot on the other side and now I’m asking them to walk correctly. No No, they say, we want to walk the way we’ve gotten used to. It’s a battle everyday, because I have to remember to walk correctly too – and well, you know, the memory isn’t what it used to be. Humans are creatures of habit, and I am no exception. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve appreciated the importance of our feet to our well being. This injury has certainly changed that perception.azalea

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