Everyone around here is reeling from their tax assessment statements that just came in the mail. The increase is ridiculous. There is no way on this green earth that my house increased in value by over a hundred thousand dollars in two years. I’m protesting. I’m not eligible yet for the senior discount, but you better believe I’m applying for it when I am. This city, nor any other, does not need that kind of tax money to spend – or waste as the case may be. The city politicians better be lowering their mill levy or they’re going to get a lot of angry letter and calls – from me.

I took a break from working in the office and went out in the yard. Three hours later I came back in, exhausted. I looked at my desk and couldn’t even remember what I had been working on. Now that’s what I call a break.

I finally got the artwork of my sister Penny framed and hung. I chose 4 of my favorites, three water colors and one colored pencil sketch. They are hanging in the stairwell – opposite our older sister Pam’s self-portrait in oil. It makes me feel sort of complete, having gotten that done. Next week I’ll be putting up a little of my dad’s Native American collection of artifacts, baskets, and pottery, as well as some of his petrified rock. I’m bringing home a few pieces of my mother’s family furniture this summer. The rest of their stuff will be sold at the estate sale. There is just too much to keep it all, but I like having a few of the things they held so dear. It’s a connection. The hard part is finding the balance of enough versus too much. I don’t want to be a collector or a keeper of stuff my kids will have to deal with down the road. Balance. Harmony. Stuff. Balance. Harmony. Stuff.IMG-0411

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