Penny’s Roses

I got a lot of work done at my house on Mother’s Day, my kind of happy work. I was taken to breakfast and then started in on the ‘cutting in’ portion of painting my bedroom. In the afternoon, I planted three large rocks in my new rock-bed in the back yard. Once they were in place, I planted the lavender and stonecrop I had picked up previously. I wanted them in the ground before I left for Mom’s house. And yes, once again I am over the hill, working on the estate.

This time the goal is cleaning, packing up picture albums and figuring out what all is actually in the storage units – if possible. I’m also meeting with the accountant and hopefully, we finalize all of the estate matters. I have to sort keys too. There are two plastic containers full to the brim with keys, some go to trunks, some go to ???? I have no idea.

Well, I killed the one good vacuum over here. Not a good start to the cleaning process. One sprinkler head keeps popping off, (I thought I had it fixed twice) so once again, I have to call the sprinkler people. Good grief. Compensation: Penny's rosesThe iris and roses are in magnificent bloom, way ahead of mine on the other side of the mountain.

Sixty years ago this month, my parents moved into this house. They were in their late thirties and they built the house to live in forever. It was designed with no steps to the front and back doors so elderly or anyone in a wheel chair would have access. There was a very gradual incline in the front and back patios. One small step from the garage into the house. How fortuitous, since my mother spent the last fifteen plus years of her life using a wheel chair. My sister also used a wheel chair as a walker the last several years, using it to deliver meals to my mother and groceries from the car to the house. Looking back, Dad’s foresight was pretty amazing. 

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