You know when you start something in a house and it leads to eight more somethings? That is just so true. The painting is almost done, except the baseboard and the cut-in around the ceiling. The problem is the previous ceiling paint job was terrible and very obvious, so before I paint the cut-in, the ceiling needs to be done. One bright note, I’ve finally picked the new carpet. It only took me five years.

I went to my 3 year old granddaughter’s dance recital. Oh my goodness. An hour of driving to get there for her folks (another hour back), getting her dressed, buying the tickets because of the venue where the recital was held, all for two short minutes. Sounds ridiculous, until you see how absolutely precious those two minutes were. I’m so glad for phone videos, because watching it again is just too much fun. The bright blue tutu’s of all those little girls bouncing up and down, little feet pointed, was an image I won’t soon forget.

So, it’s been raining a lot lately, and now I’ve discovered a leak in my roof. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I’ve called a handyman to come take a look and see what the problem is. On the inside, it’s showing around a bathroom fan, so I’m in hopes it’s flashing or something easily fixable.

I spent two hours moving all of my files from a filing cabinet into my new cabinets in the office. I sorted at the same time, so now there is a pile to be shredded as well. Loving the organization, but my enthusiasm has failed. Time to switch to a different job. I could paint – no, no it will take a few days before my mind can wrap around tackling the baseboard. My shoulders have unkinked from rolling the walls and moving the furniture, however, my gumption is still a no go.

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