Garage Sale Types

A garage sale is an interesting way to spend a morning. People of every kind and creed come by. The ‘early birds’IMG-0492 are the most dedicated to getting a good deal. Then there are the ‘mosey-ers’ and finally, the hen-pecked who follow behind their avid shopper. In this neighborhood, we get a lot of bicyclers. I’m not sure how the boys who bought an unopened package of cd blanks was going to fare going home, but – oh well. They were having fun. Late in the morning, the ‘drive-by’s’ cruised the neighborhood. Evidently none of them saw what they were looking for in my remaining pile. I’m happy to report that all but one of the big items sold, and probably a third of the little. Not bad. I’ve done worse. Everything left over got donated to charity for cancer.

The day of the sale, the weather was picture perfect. Cool, sunny, a slight breeze. I couldn’t have asked for better weather to sit out in. My houses faces south, but I have a big tree that shades my driveway, so I wasn’t in sunburn danger. Two cups of coffee got me through the cool part of the morning, and then the kids across the street were selling shaved ice, so of course, I supported their cause.

Though I passed up the $40,000 fixes to my backyard that three different landscaping companies offered, I have to say that I am very pleased with the small changes I made by myself. They have added interest and texture to my view, always a plus. The Caragana is blooming from top to bottom, and the rocks look so much better here than where they sat before. This year the Iris across Colorado are stunning. I’m wondering if they liked the slow, cool start everything had this year. So, until the mosquitoes come out – no complaints from me.

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