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It turns out each of my mother’s five recipe boxes had different categories, most with no more than three or four. One had cookies, candy, and desserts. I had to laugh. My cousins chimed in and wanted Mom’s fudge recipe. They remembered her sending fudge to her brother (their dad) during the holidays, and how much he looked forward to it each year. I found eight fudge recipes, seven of which are in her hand writing. Which one is it? My plan is to take all of the recipes and some blank cards to our next get-together and they can choose which recipe sounds best. Come on, it’s fudge. None of them are going to be bad.

My oldest granddaughter outgrew her bicycle, so for her birthday last April I promised her a new one. We finally got the opportunity to go shopping together. We had to go to an even bigger size than I expected. Those long colt legs! She found the perfect bike for her and it matches the helmet we bought last year. Everything a girl could want. Now we just need an opportunity to go riding when it isn’t thundering and raining. There’s been a lot of that lately.

Well, we got that first bike ride in and it was an unqualified success. The new bike rides great, looks great, and all her fears of the “new and bigger” bike fell by the wayside. The ride followed a morning where all three granddaughters enjoyed a lovely play date at my house while one mom worked and the other got the oil changed in her vehicle. A win-win day.

The spruce and pine trees are candling. One big spruce in my yard has grown enough in the last five years to cover up a rock my granddaughter used to sit on. Since the tree stays, I suppose I need to get a crow bar and lever of some sort to move the rock. It ought to make a lovely addition somewhere where it can be seen.caragana

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