The weather has turned. Summer is here. Too much heat for me. I’m retreating to the basement with a blanket, books, and a movie for the afternoons. I don’t know why heat turns me into such a puddle of lethargy, but it does.

I got in a lovely first hike for the season. My granddaughter and I went early and shared the path with birds calling back and forth in a symphony of songs, crickets chirping, a few deer munching on their breakfast, all the lovely noises of nature in the morning. We took our time and enjoyed the vast array of wildflowers at their peak, yellows, oranges, pinks, and blues highlighting the lush green grass from recent rains.

Coming back we passed many hikers on their way up. The mood changed decisively.  Now the noise became that of talking, dogs barking, and boots on the trail. Nature was silent. Everyone was pleasant, exchanging thoughtful words and well wishes. Our pace quickened, the goal now to get back. The only thing we really noticed on the return trip, was all the mica now sparkling in the sunlight, as if someone had sprinkled glitter to bedazzle the trail. We shall rename that trail the Mica Hike.

I tried to move some large boulders in my yard. Didn’t happen. Realizing it would have to be brains rather than brawn, I cut back the spruce branches that had covered the rocks in the past few years. Then I got out the hoe and removed built up dirt and spruce needles and gravel from around the rocks. I got the smallest (by far)  rock moved and wiggled the two large ones. Next I’ll borrow a crow bar and a tamping tool and see if I can wedge them forward without killing myself. We don’t need anymore back problems in the family.

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