Whew! I feel like I’m breathing again. The painter and carpet installers are out of the house, everything has been returned to its ‘probably’ correct place, and I feel like I can get caught up. At least, I have time to look at the calendar and see what all I missed.

I have gathered a pile of things (china and jewelry) to take to Grand Junction on my next trip over the hill which happens in a week, followed immediately by a trip to Estes for a girlfriend get-away, followed immediately by another trip to Grand Junction. That will be the last trip until the estate sale in September. July is kayak, kayak, kayak – anyway that’s the plan.

I have pulled away from social media, except for my blog, and I still find it very easy to avoid writing. All, I suppose, in response to the loss of my mom and sister, and yet not making a whole lot of sense after this much time. My priorities have changed; where I want to put my time and energy has changed; I have changed. Gazing at my backyard, trying to find a spot for another rock garden (I have 3 BIG rocks that are begging to find a home) is more satisfying than selling books, marketing myself or my books, or really anything to do with putting myself out there. Now, spending time with my grandkids, that is something I want to spend time on!

So don’t worry if you don’t see daily posts from me. Know that I am somewhere having fun, paddling on some glassy lake somewhere, or giggling with my grandkids, perhaps eating ice cream sandwiches or some such naughty treat that only grandmas will do. At the moment, there are four giggling girls downstairs, alternating between shrieks and giggles, having a good time I’m sure. And me? I’m about to go make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. IMG-0496

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