End in Sight

Did you miss me? I am home for two days, so thought I would take a shot at writing for the half hour I have left open. The suitcase got unpacked and is waiting for the second round of clothes to go in. There will be no time between the next two trips, so the clothes are in a line-up, ready to go.

Lots got done at my parent’s home. The moving company successfully picked up and delivered all the items we wanted to bring back. I met with the realtor and the estate sale people. One more trip over the hill to meet my daughter and bring back the remaining items I haven’t had room for in past trips – and then I am done. What I don’t know is there won’t hurt me. You can’t miss what you don’t know existed.

The worst part of the last trip, was waiting (I’m not good at sitting and waiting), and the horrendous weather coming back in the middle of the night made for a nightmare. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we weren’t able to leave Grand Junction until 8:30pm. We encountered hail, down pouring rain that had us hydroplaning on more than one occasion, snow on the passes and slush coming down the far side – all in the dead of night. We arrived at 1:30am the next morning and had to get up and be ready to receive the furniture off the truck at 8am.  I’m still recovering.

I got in a walk, dead-headed the roses and Iris, and said hi to my neighbors. That will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll get a few more things done but I’m not counting on it. I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. It slays me that almost a third of it has already flown by. How does that happen?

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