It has been a while since I put fingers to keyboard. I’ve been enjoying the company of my grandchildren since I got back from my last trip over the hill to Mom’s house. My grandsons and their mom are now off visiting other relatives and I am playing catch-up/clean-up. Just for a bit though, the kayak comes out next. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth. Thunderstorms and rain ruined our fire-pit activities, but we enjoyed fireworks on TV after a fun day of play for the cousins.

It took most of a morning to get the yard caught back up from my being gone and occupied. Since my grandsons will be back shortly, I’m leaving the fort up downstairs. The next thing on my list is a nap. The word exhaustion comes to mind, but maybe it’s just that almost everything, the decisions at least, with the estate are done now. My body is telling me it’s shutting down for revamp.

Hail hit the neighborhood, much of it over an inch in diameter. Besides needing to call the insurance company and rake up tree leaves, I can’t complain too much. Some of the Clematis look very bedraggled this morning, and the Lantanas in the pot out front, but that’s about the worst for the small stuff. I am amazed at how many spruce tree twigs are on the ground, and the crabapple in my front yard looks terrible. Poor thing, that tree has been recovering from late frost and hail damage for five years. It was just starting to look ok, and now it looks painfully pathetic – again. The good news: the Hosta I moved under the spruce tree looks un-phased, and since Daylillies close up at night, and this hail hit after dark, they are open and beautiful this morning. Well, I suppose I should go get the rake out, I suppose – or maybe a second cup of coffee…hail

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