New roof, new paint, new windows, I guess this is what insurance is for. What a fun way to spend my Sunday morning though. Not! The insurance adjuster was very nice, very thorough, and I’m sure I’ll be happy with the results when it’s all done, however…there is the matter of actually getting it all done, starting with picking a contractor. Ugh.

I finally got on a lake with my kayak. Oh how I love gliding across the water, listening to birds calling along the shores, and soaking up the early morning sun. The first time out is always a test of my fortitude and desire to really go as I lift the kayak up on top of the car and try to remember how to secure it. It all comes back to me but I’m still learning tricks of the trade. For instance, I should know better than to wear shorts (I hate to use sunscreen). Capris are perfect to avoid sunburnt legs. I always wear a fishing shirt with ventilation so sunburn isn’t a problem up top.

I’ve learned to put my phone upside down in the water proof case I wear around my neck. That way when I grab it and hold it up to take a picture, it’s right side up. A simple thing, but far less frustrating. I’ve finally figured out that for me – 15 degrees is the perfect angle setting for my paddle. Going early in the morning avoids crowds, motor boats, and hot weather, all of which make for a much more pleasant outing. The reservoirs and lakes around here are not remote and wild like some lakes I’ve kayaked on, but they help keep me practiced and anxious to get back to the boundary waters. I’ll be back in Minnesota this fall. Hopefully I will get a chance to kayak. I’m planning on going out on the bass boat with my cousin, which is always fun, but not quite the same as gliding through pristine, quiet water, watching eagles soar high above, and fish jump for their breakfast.kayak 2019

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