It’s hard to believe, I know, but I am still revising Chapter One of my current book project. Not that I haven’t already done that chapter, multiple times, but another person read it and had thoughtful and helpful comments. No wonder Stephen King once said  that he would still be refining his first book if they let him. I have no deadlines and I want to get this right.

After interviewing several contractors, I gave up and picked one. I hope it all turns out for the best. I’m rather sick of this whole process. I’m sure everyone else is too. I know that people in the flood zones are facing far worse problems. That perspective is important for me to remember. Pick one and move on. That became my motto for the day. The predator phone calls and door to door roofing salespeople can quit calling anytime now.

My last ‘inside the house’ project has just been completed. I’m considering putting in an attic fan when they put on the new roof. Any comments from others who have one, or have had one put in? My research says it’s a good idea, but I’m open to actual experience talking. I want the solar version so I’m not looking at additional electric bills, just the benefit of letting the hot air out, but I’ve heard cons about the solar. Geesh. Since our HOA likes dark shingles, the fan should really help the life of the roof as well as my electric/ac bill.

Someone should have sent contractors the memo on the benefits of lighter colored roofing. Like most things humans do, we have to be pushed and shoved into doing the right thing for the planet (carbon emissions), or for saving human lives (mandatory seatbelts), the list is too long to keep going. Suffice it to say, anything I can do to be less dependent on the power grid is a good thing in my book.

I’m going camping without wi-fi, so no blog this coming go-round. Keep cool!

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