What a joy it was to be camping in the mountains. I came home to mid-nineties. Ugh. Each afternoon, or evening, or through the night, we got a rain storm to cool things off while we were up there. It made having camp-fires a challenge, but we had no s’more fixings so it wasn’t essential. We got in one lovely fire.

The views were the highlight of the trip, our encounter with a Big Horn sheep herd a close second. Four curious little babies were in the group of sixteen and they were not afraid of us. They probably came within eight feet. Amazing.

The Arkansas river is still running fast and deep for the end of July. Lots of snow still to melt in the collegiate peaks area. Many of the Big Horn sheep we saw had yet to shed all of last winter’s hair. They looked pretty rough despite being fat from the abundant green growth they were munching on.

I’ve started a project and it is making me want to turn my little garage into a workshop. The problem is figuring out how to do that. What makes a good workshop? I know I would need an actual work bench. The table I use now is also where I set things like the batteries for the lawn mower and the weed whacker. It isn’t a dedicated work bench, and never stays clean for long.

A lot of the things that would be useful such as a vice and a radial arm saw are in my dad’s storage shed. That makes me grit my teeth. I would probably use the radial arm saw once or twice every five years. Not worth it. I have a skill saw and that is going to have to do. Maybe I’ll google work shops or watch u-tube videos. That seems to be how we learn things nowadays. bigHorn

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