I’m on the patio, looking at the garden and thinking, “I should be weeding.” Dag-nabit. It’s cool for the moment, supposed to get really hot today, and so, I suppose, out there I will go. Back in a bit. By the way, the squirrels are having a rambunctious morning this morning. Maybe they have extra energy now because they know they’ll be sleeping through the hot afternoon. Me too.

I’ve started my towel-hook project and so far, it is looking pretty good. I’m taking pictures as I go. We’ll see. I have lots of the left-over wood from a previous project that I’m using, so any mistakes can easily be redone. Next, I will work on the arrowhead displays. My granddaughter is anxious to get back the ping-pong table.

The work on the outside of the house has begun, but it will be weeks (months?) before it is all done. I’m “on the schedule” for the roof, the painting should happen within a couple of weeks, and I’m not sure about the windows, but the trim that needed replaced is happening now. The fence, not so sure. All in good time. There has been so much destruction this summer – all over the country – that makes my damage seem very minor. I will be patient. I didn’t lose my crops and my house is totally livable.

I had a breakdown in the shower, first one in a long time. A good place to cry because the tears are quietly washed away. I wanted to talk to my sister, ask her questions, reminisce about the past. I’ve been sorting old pictures to take to a family reunion that’s coming up. I suppose that’s what triggered the emotions. Or maybe it was the fact that my granddaughter is old enough to contemplate sleeping in the guest bedroom rather than with me. They do grow up. I gave her the choice, but it made me think of the fact that I never had a grandmother to snuggle with. hookproject1

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