Another lazy hot day. My granddaughter’s favorite place is the hammock on the back patio. There are errands to run and books to read and glasses of icy cold beverages to drink, and yet I still find a little time to work on my latest book and my towel-hook project. That is going well. I got the wood cut to the right length without cutting off any fingers, so I count that as a win.

My son came by and there were four things I was supposed to send home with him. I only managed to remember two. Not so hot. I’ll get the other two things out there soon, it’s just frustrating. I’ve picked paint colors for the house. They’ll bring color boards by soon so I can hold them up outside. I’m so glad they got the rotted trim boards replaced before the painting happens. Houses need constant care and upkeep. I was so unaware of that growing up.

I’ve gotten another package of old photos readied to mail off to my nephew in Germany. I sorted out a bundle for cousins I will see next week, and another bundle for cousins I will see next month. My kids are going through the pictures, taking what they want, and then that project will be off my plate.

I’m starting the portion of my towel-hook project where I have to find the wall studs and repair the sheetrock when I take the old towel bars down. That will be fun. I’ve had some practice at sheetrock now and I’m fairly confident that part will turn out okay. The problem is, the bathroom will need to be painted and I haven’t picked out paint, don’t want to pick out paint, and for sure don’t want to paint it! Egads. What was I thinking?radial saw

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