Having your house painted is an odd experience. When the workman covered the windows with plastic, I began to feel trapped. Silly, I know, but it was an odd sensation. I am very pleased with the new color. It is still green but has more grey and less yellow in it. The trim stands out more and so will the accent color. Kind of fun! The roof will possibly get done next week, sometime after that, the windows.

I spotted a wasp nest right below where the painter was about to paint trim and one of the windows will be replaced. There is always a can of wasp spray in the house (I’m very allergic to them) so that nest is no longer decorating the rock facing.

I finally chose a paint color for the bathroom. The sheetrock repair is done and looks invisible, which is the desired effect. Today, I’m picking up some different anchors for the screws that will fit the wall mounts for the new hooks. What a process! Kind of fun and very satisfying to figure it all out. One more thing to find – a new light fixture. That bathroom has the last of the old halogen lights put in when the house was built. They are unbelievable hot and in-efficient. Good riddance!

I’m headed to a family celebration in Oregon with my cousins. It should be a lot of fun and I’m hoping, relaxation. Time to start laundry and the packing process. My cousin Susie is the ultimate planner, she has even e-mailed me the weather forecast and a list of all the concerts and happenings in the area for the week. What a keeper/angel she is! I am taking a large envelope full of pictures to give away – and THAT means I can shop because I’ll have room in my suitcase to bring something back. That’s my kind of planning.glueing

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