The little airport in Redmond, Oregon was overwhelmed by three airplanes being there at one time, so we had to sit out on the tarmac for quite a long while before being signaled up to the gate. Sort of gate – you walk down the mobile steps and cross the cement to the building. We had landed early but they took care of that! Then they lost several of the passenger’s luggage (including mine) – for a while. About the time I had the claim form all filled out, they found it. Remember, I said there were three airplanes all at the same time. My ride/cousin waited patiently and I made it here, so all’s well that ends well.

The family reunion/celebration was full of fun and unforgettable, good memories. It was made up of all of the family (grown-ups only) of one of my mother’s brothers, but the girls sort of adopted me in as a sister after Mom and Penny died. I am very grateful for that. It feels good to have such connections and these girls are just the best: generous, kind, and funny. What more could I ask for?  As one of the guys said, “How nice to get together when no one has died.” How true!

Various members of the family swam, kayaked, and paddle boarded off the dock rented for one day of our family get-together. The dock sits on Elk Lake on the west side of Mt. Bachelor. We visited, talked, caught up, and ate way too much. What a great theme! The next day was everyone’s choice. I went with two others to a great history museum/wild animal exhibit/educational facility that turned out to be awesome. We followed that with a great lunch in downtown Bend and a little bitty bit of shopping. Come on, a girls got to look. Remember, I had room in my suitcase. Dechutes

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