So, getting your house roofed is not so fun. It’s noisy, lots of thumps and banging that make my grand-dog bark. Things fall from the sky – or so the dog thinks and so she barks. Strange men are on the roof when she goes outside – and so she barks. There has just been no way to convince her this is all going to turn out okay. I think the commotion finally wore her out. She is asleep under my desk, on top of my feet. I’m keeping her this week while the kids are gone. I thought about going to their house, except they are getting a new roof this week too. Oh well, it only lasts two days. I hope.

I got the anchors/screws into the wall for my hook project. The next problem, meaning another trip to the hardware store, came when I discovered the screws for the wood base I made for the hooks were too long. They would poke through the wood. Then there was the fact that I needed more wall anchors of a different type because I switched up what kind of flush mounting hardware I was using. Then there was the slight problem of a screw head breaking off, and my inability to get the remainder of the screw backed out of the wood. I need more grip muscles. I did learn from the hardware man to put wax or soap on my screws. They’ll go in easier. I tried it and it works. One small lesson of the many I’ve learned doing this.

It rained! Of course! You get the old roof off and here come the clouds, thunder, lightning, and rain. The dog is under the desk again.

The roof is done. The painting is done. There will be a long delay on the windows, but that’s okay. Many people were ahead of me in the “needing new windows” line. When it happens, it happens. I saw the roofing materials unloaded next door, so I suppose their pounding will start soon. At least the dog will be back at her house.towelhook

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