I’m in Utah, getting used to my grandson’s school schedules. My son-in-law and I started a jigsaw puzzle, so you know what we’ll be doing each evening for a while. I’m missing my daughter for most of this trip because she’s in Colorado (hence my being here for the grandkids) but I will see her on the tail-end of the trip. I also may go home through Grand Junction and check up on Mom’s house and yard. Not sure I want to go through those emotions one more time, but sort-of feel like I should. Besides, there is terrible construction on I-80, so it was slower than usual coming here that way.

There are nine giant zucchini sitting on the counter – staring at me. Good grief! They make me want to flee the house. I’m going to have to sit somewhere else to write this morning.

My youngest grandson is loving Kindergarten. He comes bouncing out of the school door each day, full of the things he liked about his morning. We eat lunch together and he tells me the highlights. So far, there haven’t been any low-lights. How long do you suppose that is going to last?

My mom’s house is being shown to potential buyers.towelrack3That is an odd feeling. It needs to be sold, but I don’t really like to think about it. The estate sales happen fairly soon. A light bulb went off for me the other day when I was in an antique store and I saw something I would have loved to buy and take home. (I didn’t need it so I didn’t.) I didn’t think about what the previous owner would think, only how much I liked it. LIGHT BULB! People are going to buy my family’s treasures and enjoy them. That’s what I want, people to enjoy those treasures Mom and Daddy and Penny collected. Big step for me on the grief journey, a good step.

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