What’s Next?

Instead of relaxing after dinner following a twelve hour day at work, my son-in-law had to run to the mall to get his son’s glasses fixed. (Ended up having to get new ones.) That was not the way we planned for the evening to go. I stayed behind with the little one. Well, he is technically littler, but not by very much. He is younger, so maybe I’ll go with that.

The temperature in Utah has been blazing hot, and still that way in the evenings. I would love to sit out on the deck, but sweating while fighting off mosquitoes isn’t my kind of date.  Time here with the boys is going fast. They are so sweet, and yet so very typical, trying to figure out how much wool they can pull over grandma’s eyes. I love it!

My mother’s house is under contract. The mere thought of it not being in our family is very bitter-sweet. I’ll be glad not to pay the bills and upkeep for a house no one is living in, but it’s also like pulling up the anchor and setting oneself adrift at sea. I am grateful it sold so quickly, and the Estate Sale people are hard at work. There is much to be done.

My younger grandson and I have established a good routine for our afternoons. We usually engineer a log cabin or two out of Lincoln Logs, play a board game, and do some reading. He is fantastic at adult 1000 piece jig-saw puzzles. He says he “sniffs’ them out. Well, I don’t know what technique is actually involved, but at times he was matching me piece for piece, until his attention span wore out and he was off to something else.

My current book project is actually coming along nicely. I’m getting good reviews on the re-writes. I had a lot of fun selling books at the recent Fort Collins Comicon. Life goes on. New challenges constantly present themselves. What will be next?


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