I’m sitting in one of my many workplaces, the waiting room where I get my oil changed. There is wi-fi if I need it, but really, I only work on the book or the blog here, and usually get quite a bit done. The painter is painting my yard fence today and finishing up the few missed spots on the house. The window people came and measured the windows for the estimate to go to the insurance company, and that is the last step. Hail damage will soon be history.

One set of my kids is taking their camper out for the holiday weekend, one set is doing a con in Denver, and the third is moving my dad’s pickup from the house in Grand Junction to the farm. That’s a lot of family going in a lot of different directions! I’m glad my job is to stay home (it’s supposed to be very hot), and supervise my granddaughter and her dog. I can do that! I’ll have to pick up some hot dogs and chocolate for S’mores over the fire pit. Easy peasy kind of holiday.

My next destination is Minnesota. I’m taking my mother’s and my sister’s ashes to the family plot near what used to be Mom’s family home. (The house was sold long ago) Her parents and three of her brothers are buried there. There is one plot left and we are putting Mom and Penny there. It made me think of how Minnesota was always home to Mom. She hadn’t lived there for seventy four years, but it was home. I was born and raised in Grand Junction, but I never think of that as home. I think of our farm as home, and I suppose I always will. I’m glad my youngest is moving back there after her husband retires. One more circle will be complete.IMG-0818

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