It was 98 degrees out as I wrote this. I do not want to complain, as so many people on the east coast and the Bahamas are dealing with a hurricane of epic proportions, but geez, people, I do not do hot. Regardless, my prayers to all those affected by Dorian. I know those affects will last far longer than the news coverage will. Hang in there. For me, the worst of the aftereffects would be no power, meaning no air conditioning. Rebuilding is one thing, but doing so without power is a whole other ball game. Power tools require power. Cooking requires power. I wonder how many of us have considered how important our power grid is to longterm survival.

I mowed the lawn before it got over 80, sprayed weeds and bugs, and went grocery shopping all before noon. Now, I’m hiding from that energy sapping miserable heat by working inside. I even sat down and answered the questions I’d been asked for an online interview, just to stay busy. Click here for   the article.

I’d already changed the sheets, washed and folded the laundry, and even ironed a new shirt and pillow cases. I Never iron, so you know I’m desperate. If the temps don’t drop soon, I’ll have to start the projects I have lined up to do next winter.

Book club, hiking, camping and kayaking are on the list for this week. I was going to hide out at home, but then, all of these opportunities presented themselves, and so wham, I am getting out there. Woo Hoo! The yard work can wait another week.

My Book Club read “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” for this month. What an incredible reminder of how poorly man can treat his fellow man, and more importantly, how a man can feel he has the right to treat others any way he wants. Goodness people. Lately on Face Book I’ve seen a campaign to diss higher education, as if it’s a bad thing. Get a grip people, education is never bad, it’s how you treat people that matters.

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