9-11 Still ?s

I have a question on this anniversary of 9/11. Actually there are a couple questions I need help with. Perhaps someone could suggest a good book to read that would help. The first one is: Why does Iran hate America? They didn’t always hate us. We used to have an embassy in Tehran up until the Iranian revolution in 1979. So what sparked that revolution and why the takeover of the American embassy are follow-up questions, but not necessarily crucial to the question of why do they still hate America today – more than ever – it would seem.

At first I wondered if it was to do with Israel, although it had been thirty years since the declaration of the State of Israel when the takeover of our embassy occurred. There has to be more to it than that old chestnut – but I don’t know.

The administration recently moved some appropriated funds out of the Homeland Security budget. That got me to thinking. Why? Cyber Security is under Homeland Security’s budget, and the cyber threat/security is growing every day. Then I had the “ah ha” moment that sparked the first question. Our country is under attack by Russia influencing our elections using social media. Could that not also be the case in Iran and other middle eastern countries? Those countries could be influenced through social media to hate America, couldn’t they? And anyone who wanted to disrupt America and democracy, and was smart enough to harness the tools of the Internet, is smart enough to go at it from more than one angle, outside (other countries) as well as inside (our elections).

I don’t know if it would be possible to ever know how social media is being used in Iran. What I do know is that cyber security is a huge issue and the budget appropriation for that should not be compromised. As useful as the Internet can be, the tail we have ahold of might belong to a much bigger tiger than we ever imagined.

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