Writing Again

Writing. Writing. Writing. I’m back at it and it feels good. I tried to listen to the last debate and write at the same time. Boy was that not possible. I don’t multi-task as well as I used to, but listening to candidates and thinking about what to write just did not happen at all. I had company coming for the weekend, so along with mopping, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing toilets, and planning a menu, I had to get this blog fleshed out. Company coming is the best motivation for me to clean house. Thank goodness there is still something that makes me do it.

The first of two sales for my parent’s and sister’s estate happened this weekend. I am looking forward to it being all done. Step by step, we’re getting there. I was sad before it started, but as the weekend progressed, I felt relief. From two different sources, I heard tons of people showed up for this first one. I hope the second goes as well. I’m not going over until after the second sale for the final clean up.

I got an atrocious bid for a company to come do some tree pruning this winter. I’m going to have to figure out a different way to get this done. I have friends and kids with chain saws. We’ll make it happen. Some things I just will not pay to get done when I can find a way to do it myself. I also need a light fixture put up. Now that one is trickier because I’m kind of scared of electricity. Kind of I say. Ha. I’m scared of it. I just have to be patient and wait for one of my neighbors or friends who do that kind of job all the time and aren’t afraid of it. It’ll happen. Always does.

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