How to craft an appeal? This is not the title of a topic, it is a question. How do I do that? My HOA turned down a request, and while I’d like to fire off what I really think of them at the moment, I’m sure that won’t do me any good in the long run. So, I’m going slow and asking for help. The best advice I’ve gotten so far is that I shouldn’t have asked permission in the first place. Well gee, that’s helpful. My daughter’s response: “Those idiots!” Love that one. I wonder how I can incorporate that nicely into my appeal.

I’m also sucking down Vit C products and hoping not to get the same crud as the rest of my family. Hope that works.

The Post Office has lost an important check I mailed to a funeral home. The IRS is trying to get my mother to prove she is dead. The environmental protections in place for clean water are being rolled back in order for developers and oil companies to make more money. (That’s just one of several roll-backs of late) No worries though for our children or their children having safe drinking water or air to breathe – much less the wildlife that depends on clean streams. I’m a little ‘fed’ up at the moment, pardon the pun.

How to cope? How to chill? Well, for one, I turn on the Great British Baking Show and watch contestants make wonderful baked good. Some turn out to be disasters, but I can only imagine how disastrous it would be were I competing. The only draw-back is getting hungry while watching them make those wonderful looking and totally not-healthy concoctions. It does not make me run to the fridge for celery sticks, I can tell you that.

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