Rest in Peace

Oh my gosh, this month is screaming by. how? How? HOW?

On the drive to Minnesota, I saw many signs of autumn, subtle, but there they are. The sumac along the roads has turned red, a harbinger of what is coming for the trees above them. And if you look close, those trees have orange and yellow beginning to creep through the green. The fields of soybeans have turned yellow, brilliant in the sun, like fields of autumn Aspen leaves. The oak brush is turning too. Yes, fall is on the way.

My cousin took me out in his bass boat for a lovely sunset run across Lake Minnetonka on the evening I arrived. We went past Wayzata, the busy little town where my mother was born and raised. Though she lived there less than a third of her life, it was home to her until the day she died. Riding in the boat, seeing the gorgeous blue water in the waning light, white sails gleaming in the harbor, I understood why she loved it so, why it was always home. How she must have missed it!

As always, I love my time ‘up north’ with my cousins. I drove by my great-grandfather’s farm, all built up with houses now. Mom would have hated seeing that, but she didn’t have to. Her memories were intact. The barn, the orchard, the trail down to the lake where the cows walked each morning and evening, all remained the same as when she spent her childhood weekends and summers there.

Mom and Penny were laid to rest yesterday, alongside my grandparents and three of Mom’s brothers in her beloved Minnesota. Others Mom knew and loved are also interred in the tiny cemetery close to their home. It is a beautiful place, and best of all, you can see nearby Parkers Lake through the trees, a fitting place to rest in peace. MNSunset

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