Roosevelt NP

Seven states, one National Park, and twenty four hundred miles later, I’m back home and glad to be here. I’m especially glad to be sleeping in my own bed again. The catch-up list is too long, but that is just a part and parcel of traveling.

The fall colors are well on their way in North and South Dakota, coming soon in southern Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. The weather during my trip was beautiful, a little rain while I was in Minnesota, but for the majority of the time I was gone, it was gorgeous. I hear snow followed me in the northern regions, so my timing was good. Since my return, I mowed the lawn one last time, probably, and put out Halloween decorations. Fall has fallen.

I visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. What a beautiful park! It was not over-run by people (especially the north unit), a real plus in my book, with a great diversity of landscapes, wildlife, and history. It is the place where Teddy Roosevelt went to re-charge, and I totally understand why. Visiting this park was not part of my original plan, but circumstances changed, and so I too changed plans and ran with the notion of getting in a park I had yet to visit. I am sure glad I did.

So, I’m working on my to-do list of fall chores: flu shot, school program prep, patio furniture inside in a couple more weeks, dead-heading the flowers, unhooking and draining the hoses. What is on your list? What am I forgetting? I have one more trip over the hill to clean out my parent’s house after the estate sales. I’m taking the leaf blower. Other than that, it will be a matter of having the sprinklers blown out, and hauling stuff to charities and the remainder to the dump. I hope I have good weather for this trip too. buffalo.JPG

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