A Home

Fall is a busy, busy time. I’m looking at my calendar, trying to find a blank space to pencil in. There aren’t many until December. Good grief. I know there are going to be a lot of leaves to pick up, flowers to deadhead, outdoor furniture to cover or move in, etc. before December. Every time I have fifteen minutes, I think I better get outside.

I think we have entered a new weather zone (something similar to the twilight zone perhaps), when four feet of snow falls in one part of the country, while the opposite side experiences record heat.

The two estate sales for my parent’s and sister are over. I feel a whole lot of relief to have it done. Now we have to clean the house up and put it on the market. If I lived in Grand Junction, it would be a fun project to flip. Thank goodness I don’t. There is the fact that I would put way too much heart into it, and heart doesn’t sell. Plus, it would only make it harder to let go of. The house has good bones. It will make a great place for a new family, as it did for mine, and that will give me great joy.

I’m wearing rose colored glasses right now. The house was where we fought, and cried, and made mistakes. It was also where I learned to waltz standing on my dad’s feet, learned how to make Crunch Drop cookies, and watched men walk on the moon for the very first time. How many Christmas stockings hung in front of the fireplace? How many Thanksgiving turkeys carved in the dining room? How many games of ‘red rover come over’ on the big front lawn? The house has been empty for too long now. Those walls deserve to hear laughter again, to be a home.

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