What a week!

What a busy week! and I survived! There was a birthday lunch, a flu shot, and one surprise birthday party. I spent a delightful and rewarding day in Akron at the Elementary School, pre-K through Fifth grade. I’ve never been in that school before. It is a wonderful facility, and the staff and students alike were wonderful to work with.

I also spent a day slicing lemons and limes for a benefit fundraiser. I’ve never done that before, and I’m not likely to ever do it again. I mowed the lawn for possibly the last time this season. The dead-heading in the flower beds has begun, but is far from finished. The paint cans from repainting the house and fence have been hauled to the basement, and half the outdoor furniture is hauled in or covered. Progress.

I have to make another trip to Grand Junction, which I’m not looking forward to, but I will have company and that makes it so much faster and tons more fun. With everything out of my parent’s house, I don’t think it will be the emotional roller coaster I experienced on my previous trips. That’s my hope, anyway.

We are enjoying some lovely autumn days. The mums have recently exploded with color. October seems late for them to finally reach their peak, and yet, nature usually knows far better than we do what the timeline is supposed to be. A very bushy tailed, industrious squirrel is hard at work in my backyard. If he finds someone else’s hidden acorn, he digs it up, cleans it (I suppose to get the other guy’s scent off), hops ten or twelve feet away and re-buries it. Most of his afternoon, however, has been spent carrying huge mouthfuls of grass up the tree to his nest. It must be insulation. Everyone winterizes in their own way. I’m stocking up on hot chocolate and good books.

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