The hiccups in the giddyup of selling my parent’s house have been surmounted, conquered, and all-around dealt with. In other words, the house has once again been sold, not yet closed on, but a contract has been signed. Goodness. The trip over the hill to deal with the aforementioned ‘problems’ had its ups and downs, disappointments, and obstacles. The upside was getting to see my dad’s memorial display of petrified wood at the Gem and Mineral Club in person, a lovely drive in Colorado National Monument, and bringing home a few tools and a car full of rocks for the garden. All is well that ends well.

I’m still dealing with a sore tendon in my foot following a hike a few weeks back, so i’ve taken to using crutches. Oh my goodness. I haven’t used crutches for more decades than I care to admit. This has reminded me to respect people who live with disabilities. My first few hours on the crutches were beyond frustrating. There were a few cuss words, a few tears, and an all-around lack of good manners. At any rate, I’ve been able to quit taking Ibuprofen, and that is the outcome I was hoping for short term. Long term I’m hoping that it heals miraculously fast and I can go on my upcoming vacation without dragging these crutches along.

In our exhaustion after the return from Grand Junction, we discovered a local Thai restaurant that delivers and has good food. That’s such a plus, especially when you live alone and walk with crutches. I’m really appreciating the fact that grocery stores deliver these days. Ironic how that harkens back to the good ol’ days when they used to deliver. Yes! Doctors made house calls, stores delivered, and neighbors brought over meals, or got your mail (thanks Carol) in times of need. IMG-0949

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