Happy Haunting

How do I start again? I mean really. No television ( or news ) for ten days. Too much fun. Too many calories. Happy happy kids all around the place. I got home and the temperature was sixty degrees different in the wrong direction, there is snow to shovel, and I have to cook? Come on! I’m still wearing a boot so driving is a real pain also. Ok, I’ll quit whining. I had a great vacation and not everyone gets to do that.

The goblins are coming out soon. The neighborhood will be filled with squeals of delight (from dentists everywhere), “Trick or Treat” will be heard over and over, and after that there will be no stopping the holiday music and decor. My new windows are scheduled to go in this week. I know it will let in a lot of cold air, but the next open slot for the contractor was after Thanksgiving. I’m taking this one – just to get it done.

My grandsons got out the old farm set, and I put some of my parent’s old vinyl on the record player. We had a nice evening without screens and TV. After building a few pastures out of plastic fencing, I went through an old album while the boys separated cows and horses and sheep. A few rounds of ping-pong topped off the evening. I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow, but I’m sure not holding my breath. When I last looked, the thermometer outside said nine. I’m not looking again.

Happy Haunting, Halloweening, and Booing your neighborhood! The costumes of Pinocchio and Geppetto were the best I’ve seen in forever.halloween

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