Falling Back

I woke up to seven degrees on the day the windows were scheduled to go in. How fun. I did not envy these guys their job. The temperature warmed up with the sun, and the windows to be replaced were all on the south side, so it definitely could have been worse. They knew what they’re doing. Each window was out about ten minutes or less at the most. The rest of the time was prep, caulking, and clean-up.

So, I spent some vacation time in Mexico and fell in love with the mountains outside of Puerto Vallarta. Best of all, it was warm and we enjoyed beautiful weather the entire trip. The beaches were fun, the people gracious, and the food utterly too much and too good.

My grandsons have returned to their home. My quiet house fooled me into thinking it was time to go to bed, but the clock said 6:45pm. Of course, once I got to bed, I couldn’t sleep and it was sometime after eleven when I finally did fall asleep. Eventually, I’ll get back in my routine, but for now, as usual I hate the quiet, and there is also getting used to the time change. Always something.

There were many games of Rummy played in the last couple of day before the kids left. My grandson and I talked about what a family tradition that game is. My mom taught me, and then my kids, now I’m teaching my grandkids. He told me he’d teach his kids too. Pretty cool for a nine year old to think and say that. So, the snow and cold didn’t turn out all bad. In addition to the card games, we baked cookies using the cookie press I used when I was a kid, brought home on my last trip to Grand Junction. I bet it hasn’t been used in over fifty years. Pretty cool.zooflower

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