Rake Me!

The IRS must send out their letters toward the end of each week. I say this because I received my latest missive from them to my deceased mother on Saturday. I called the 1-800 number on Monday to see what the heck is going on with her return and our request for her overpayment to be sent back. The wait time to get to an agent was estimated to be a half hour and they suggested calling back on Wednesday or Thursday. Efficiency is not in the government’s vocabulary.

Now that the snow is pretty much gone, all the leaves that need to be raked are very visible and very annoying. They call themselves to my attention every time I look out the window. “Rake me! Rake me! You’re behind on fall chores! Come out! Come out! Get out of that boot and get to work!” In response, I went out and brought in some flower pots, and the halloween decorations got put away. Tomorrow is another day.

My foot is finally healing. I’m being very careful, not overdoing, resting the foot often, putting it back in the boot when I need to, and two-stepping each stair tread. It drives me crazy, but I’ve finally learned it is the only way it will heal. Ignoring it sure didn’t work. (I learn very slowly these days – or else I’m really stubborn.) The difficult part is figuring out how to get exercise without being on the foot. I lift weights and am back to doing a portion of my yoga each morning, however, that doesn’t make up for not walking every day. Arghh! If I could cut my calorie intake in proportion to the less exercise, I would be fine. The problem is: when I’m immobile and bored and frustrated – I eat MORE!IMG_1138

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