On hold with the IRS. Such joy to know they aren’t overstaffing the service. We sure wouldn’t want to pay for that – now would we? I finally got through to a human, and the woman was extremely nice. I do appreciate that. It only took two hours to find out what I needed to know. I believe, according to the agent, that all that needs to be done is done, and despite the recent letters, they really don’t need for me to submit it all again. Now, I just have to wait for the refund check, another 3 or 4 weeks, she estimates.

The documents for closing on my parents house got delivered a few days ago. The Fedex person slipped it partially under the doormat while I was away from home. Well, I come in through the garage. The docs sat under the mat overnight. (Notification would have been nice.) I saw them accidentally the next morning looking out my office window. It had snowed during the night, but fortunately, not much. I laid the damp papers out to dry while on the phone with the IRS. When I finished on the phone, it was off to the notary. Nothing about selling this house has gone smoothly. I have to wonder if my parent’s spirits aren’t holding on tight to their beloved home. I’m close now, though. So close.

Though selling is bittersweet, I am not looking back. The last time I saw the house, it was empty, dirty, and no longer my mother’s home. I have many pictures in many albums of how I want to remember the house, the family, and the good times. That will do. I’ve had enough of the utility bills and the overdue maintenance on an empty house. I’m happy to turn it over to the next owner. I wish them the very best.

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