What If?

We are supposed to have some nice weather for a few days at least. When the latest snow goes away, I’ll probably have to rake more leaves, but for the time being, the reprieve is kind of nice. I’m taking advantage of the break by going to the mountains. I’m indulging in a self-made writing retreat. A special bonus is getting to meet up with some old friends.

My latest novel Compass Point is coming along. This is the one with some of my dad’s stories in it. My critique-buddy and a developmental editor are working on it with me. It helps so much to have outside eyes. Please don’t forget if you have young people to buy Christmas gifts for, you can find my books by going to my web-site: barbaratynerbooks.com. I am out of book One, Badger The Dog, but there are plenty of Book Two through Five as well as Rhyaden and my other novels.

The house in Grand Junction now belongs to other people. The transaction closed without incident. My emotions, however,  took one more rollercoaster ride that day. My kids were wonderfully supportive, and gathered with me to eat, visit, and make a toast to those not with us. That chapter of our family’s life has closed, another will open. It always does when grandchildren grow at Mach One.

In the meantime, in my effort to do my part for my planet, I am teaching myself to use re-usable plastic containers instead of plastic baggies, and buying compostable trash bags. I wonder if I can’t find compostable lawn and garden bags too. My daughter and I had a discussion about these things, if they aren’t too little too late. What if? we asked, What if legislation had been passed fifty years ago that required businesses to look at the health and environmental impacts of their products before being produced. What if? Of course, profit is what rules, so that would have never happened, but still, what if?

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