Get Me Into

I had a very fun and somewhat productive writing retreat, as well as some ATV buggy time. That was a blast!  Each morning I watched the moon go down through the pines and the sun come up across the prairie. There were good visits with friends, good grilling, and I found more pieces of driftwood to bring home for decorating in my back yard. I call that  a win.

After returning home from the mountains, I tried raking more leaves, but the wind came up and swirled my pile away faster than I could gather it together. I decided to be patient and hope more leaves leave the yard than come in. I went to the hardware store instead, and came home with supplies for projects on this winter’s ‘to-do’ list.

My foot is definitely healing, not 100% yet, but getting there. I am re-training myself to walk straight, and the stairs are not one steppers yet, but hey, exercise is on the horizon. I am able to do some of my yoga balance holds. Every little bit helps. This has been a lesson in the importance of feet to our overall health, health to mental and emotional well being, and why NOT to wear slippers when you move big boxes.

Well, I have another grand-dog. This second one is almost identical to the first one that it was brought home to be a companion for. I have to admit, it is delightful to watch how much they enjoy each others company. Run, run, run until they drop from exhaustion. Pooper-scooping just doubled for my granddaughter. She seems to not mind, at least not yet. That means it’s doubled for me too when I dog sit. What my kids get me into!

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