Windy Wyo

The predicted weather for the day I was scheduled to leave looked nasty, so I left a day early. Good thing as the highway signs across Wyoming went from saying ‘Wind Gusts 45+mph’ to ‘Blowing snow warning’ for early the next morning. Good ole windy Wyoming. That’s okay, coming a day early has given me more time to visit with my daughter and family who don’t live close by – yet. I’m getting wimpy or smart, however you want to look at it, when it comes to driving on icy roads and winter weather. As long as I have a choice about what day I’m driving, I’m using it.

I took my first mile long walk the other day – without the boot. Yay! Absolutely yay! Such a relief to be able to do that again. I could definitely feel my foot talking to me afterwards, but I elevated it for fifteen minutes, and then continued with my day. Victory. We had a couple of days of wonderful, warm temperatures so I was also able to dead head a couple of the flower beds. As the year draws to a close, so should the yard work, but at my present pace, I see enough work out there to last well into the new year. Job security.

I’m thinking of taking French lessons with my daughter and granddaughter for the next six months in preparation for a trip to France next summer. We have a family wedding to attend. Maybe it’s crazy – I haven’t taken French since high school – but I think it might be fun. The next and even more difficult question is what to get the couple for a wedding present, something small enough that it can be packed in a suitcase. This trip is going to be fun to plan!

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