Leave Behind

I am watching an impossible decision unfold around me: the death of an immediate family member and a wedding that’s been planned and looked forward to for a year. I have no answers. I am just so very sorry that it has happened this way. Sometimes life sucks. Grief is such a part of life. The hardest aspect is peeling away the guilt – that part that none of us needs or deserves, but most all of us feel.

My prayers for everyone are safe travels to wherever you are headed for the holidays. The weather has been so nasty. Drive carefully. Tell your loved ones you love them. Take a moment to appreciate all of the blessings around you. Forget your old grievances, they are a burden to you. Lay that bag of bricks down!

I don’t want to be remembered for a scowl. I want to be remembered for a smile.

This year is roaring past me faster than I believe is possible. My grandkids are growing faster than should be allowed. The polar ice caps and world’s glaciers are melting so fast now, flooding is going to become an unstoppable constant. Over two hundred years ago, Alexander Humboldt predicted what is now happening. Nothing but greed stopped his predictions from dictating a prudent and wise course for mankind to move forward with, be it in technology, agriculture, or industry. Each and every step of our progress in the past two hundred years could have been measured against the health and welfare of our planet – and thusly our own health. It has not been. It has only been measured in terms of economic growth and profit. How sad. How very very sad.

My wish is for each of us to take time to evaluate our priorities for the coming year, to measure our goals in life against how we wish to be remembered, and what we leave behind.

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