The IRS gets the last laugh. They decided they DID want me to submit the form one more time. I should never have blogged that everything was finally done. So, now, instead of looking for a check from them the first part of December, should we start a pool on when it might show up? I’m not even betting on it being in 2019 at this rate.

While taking care of my grandsons, the Internet and TV ceased to work. Now normally for me, that isn’t much of a disaster, but I’ve been critiquing a book for a writer friend, and she has a deadline in early December to submit the manuscript. We’re trying to finish at least a chapter per day, and when I couldn’t send or receive, that became a big problem. Fortunately, my kids returned. In the meantime, hotspot to the rescue. The problem turned out to be a GFI in the laundry room. Houses are wired weird.

The boys and I played foursquare, Monopoly, Pete the Cat, rummy, Tenzi, and Go Fish. We took walks and a bike ride. We even went out after dark to enjoy the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. Because it’s not Thanksgiving yet, the lights being lit seems early, but then I realized, it’s really the fact that Thanksgiving is being celebrated late this year, and if you want to get your money and labors worth out of those lights – they might as well be lit.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It is my favorite holiday because there are no gift expectations, disappointments, or mess. Only two decisions complicate the day: how much food to eat, and the choice of watching football or not. The smell of turkey roasting is divine, especially if you have lots of onion in the dressing. Regardless of how much there is for me to over-eat, I am grateful to be with family.

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