Less and Less

Snow, snow, snow! Great if you ski, shovel snow for a living, or like to drink water. Otherwise, it is a bit of an inconvenience when it falls anywhere but in the mountains or on the lawn. Snow is definitely non-discriminatory. It falls everywhere.

My daughter and I decided to forgo many of the Thanksgiving traditional foods. We kept it very simple, but did not skip mashed potatoes and pies. No no no, we did not skip on pie or on our favorite toppings. I like ice cream, she takes after her dad and likes the whipped cream.  We compromised by having both! Ha!

Life is so much easier with the Internet in assisting the manuscript revision. We are at it full steam, with a slight break for Thanksgiving day. Exciting to be getting so close.

Besides shoveling snow, eating too much good pie, and playing more rounds of Rummy than anyone could count, we had a wonderful holiday. Now the kids have two birthdays (both my grandsons were born in December) and Christmas to prepare for. I am hoping for a break in the weather, so I can drive home. Next week is packed with events and obligations. Cooperate Mr. Snowman!

So my five year old ( soon to be six ) grandson has mastered Rummy, sounding out new words when he reads, and rhyming. He also loves making up jokes. That seems to run in this generation of grandchildren. I’d like to take the boys home with me, but alas, they have to go to school next week. It sure gets in the way of our fun. Then again, so do the layers of snow and ice and cold. I must be getting old. I don’t even have to work outside anymore, and I like the cold less and less.

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