Here we go again. I am singing song lyrics this morning. I don’t know why. Maybe the Christmas music has charged my brain in a particular mode for lyrical expression. However, the Christmas decorations are not hopping out of the boxes this year. Do I have too many? Is the thought of putting them all away again in a month just gotten to be too much? Am I a grinch? What’s wrong?

I have talked before about our planet, and the subject has come up once again. I attended a lecture on the Himalayas recently, and the fact that as they lose their snow pack, all of the people, millions of people down stream along the rivers that flow out of those mountains are in danger of losing their livelihoods and their lives. The concept we discussed is giving the mountains the status of a person, having the same rights to exist that people do.

Whoa you say, that’s crazy! Well, hold onto your hats. It’s not so crazy, and the momentum is building world wide to protect nature in just that manner. Think for a moment. We give corporations the status of humans all the time. They get to vote, to make contracts with you, be sued or sue you, and they are definitely NOT human beings. Well, nature sustains the people living on our planets. Should not nature, therefore, be allowed to exist without being abused, polluted, depleted, etc.?

Around the world, rivers have gained such status. It is one method of getting a government and laws behind the protections for our future. Yes, it is controversial, but most of those sounding the alarm are those who will be harmed economically (profits!) by not being able to continue polluting the rivers, depleting the resources, or emitting the green-house gases. Once again, it comes down to deciding what we can live with, a future for our planet and our children, or ??? Unfortunately, we raced right past Climate Change. We are in Climate Crisis.

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